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Article published the November 13, 2018
Introduction Antibiotics, since their discovery in the 1920s, have played a critical role in contributing to the economic effectiveness of animal production as feed supplements at sub-therapeutic doses, to improve growth and feed conversion efficiency, and to prevent infections [1]. In-feed antibiotics (IFAs) are a common and well-established practice in the animal industry that has contributed t ...
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This question is commonly asked because there really is no simple way to answered it. Sampling of feedstuffs is difficult and expensive - your results will only be as good as the laboratories capability to reliably measure a spectrum of toxins from any given sample. Sample selection is critical as there are many things that need to be considered such as what materials to sample, how much to sample ...
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Dear Dr. Khan, You ask a very good question. The most important point to remember relative to MIP is that it specific to each operation. This is because it is management’s choice to intervene or in this case implement a mycotoxin control program in the diet. There are limited good scientific published studies defining specific mycotoxins or mycotoxin levels associated with clinical disease ...
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Hi Ricky, Calibrin products are specialized enterosorbents and provide broad based control of mycotoxins. To the extent that mycotoxins are involved in the clinical cases of colibacillosis; yes they will reduce the damage caused by the mycotoxins and improve the clinical situation.
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Hi Ricky, The short answer is yes. The specifics of what toxin and the type of interaction with pathogenic E. coli is a longer discussion. There is considerable literature proving that most mycotoxins are immunosuppressive and that is for sure an important way that mycotoxins exacerbate clinical disease in general and would make colibacillosis worse. Several of the common mycotoxins (Aflat ...
Article published the April 29, 2011
Managing Mycotoxins in Livestock ProductionMycotoxin contamination at some level can be present in virtually all feedstuffs at any time. Levels vary from high to low with wide variation in what particular toxins are present. If one toxin is present, it is probable that many others are also present.1 Mycotoxins are naturally occurring toxic substances produced by vario ...
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