Avesui 2009
April 27, 2009 to April 29, 2009
São Paulo - Brazil
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The Brazilian poultry and the swine markets move more than R$ 30 billion per year and put the Brazilian animal proteins in a hundred of countries, will have its maximum event during days 27 to 29 of April of 2009, at the Expo Center North, São Paulo (SP), Brazil.

AveSui 2009 (The International Fair of the Latin American Industry of Poultry and Swine) will bring together about 200 companies of genetics, animal nutrition, ambient products, veterinary products, equipment for farms, transport, packing, solutions, diverse equipment for processing plants of meats and eggs and other services and technologies.

It will be 10,5 thousand square meters of total area for the exposition of companies from Brazil and abroad, and the organization of technical and conjuncture panels for the productive chains of fowl and swine. The expectation of the organizers is to bring more than 15,000 visitors from all the regions of Brazil, Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

AveSui promotes itself as an accomplishment of business-oriented relationship with players of the entire productive chain. “The main characteristic of AveSui is the stimulation of the contact between the diverse links that integrate the poultry and swine markets”, says Andrea Gessulli, Director of Gessulli Agribusiness, responsible person for AveSui.

VIII Poultry and Swine Seminar of AveSui will congregate strategically subjects for the market.

Roberto Rodrigues (FGV), Inácio Kroetz (MAP), Francisco Sergio Turra (ABEF), Pedro de Camargo Neto (Abipecs) and Dilvo Grolli (Coopavel). These are some responsible names for making of VIII the Poultry and Swine Seminaries of AveSui 2009 an expressive event for these sectors.

Made use to make of the fair a great center of quarrels and ideas in favor of the Brazilian poultry and of the swine, Gessulli Agribusiness invited a famous teams of specialists to lead about 30 lectures that will be part of the programming of the Seminary, that will be carried through during all the period of the fair, during the days 27 and 29 of April.

VIII Poultry and Swine Seminaries will be divide in five distinct panels: Conjectural: Poultry and Swine; Poultry: Handling, Health and Nutrition; Swine: Effect of the Ambience in the Swine Production; Poultry: Welfare, losses and control in the operations daily pre-abates; and Swine: Environment and Nutrition.

Inside of these panels, lectures of the most recognized farming institutions of the country, beyond specialists who also will come of the Exterior, will speak on diverse strategically questions for the market. Subjects as nutrition, health, environment, animal production, animal well-being, sanitary agreements, agro energy, Environment, legislation, stress animal, amongst others, will be in guideline during the seminary.

“Beyond being a business environment, AveSui 2009 also consists in a service for the entrepreneurs and producers. And is there that the power of the information enters. The presence of these leaderships will construct an only environment in the country to argue strategically subjects for the growth of the sector. The seminary was idealized for this”, affirms Andrea Gessulli, director of the fair