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In its monthly report from May, Google Analytics reported that Engormix’s audience has grown 50% during the last quarter, measured in the number of visits to our social network.   Google is the global benchmark in terms of digital marketing and the most popular tool for communication planning among companies in any industry, including the agribusiness sector. The aforementioned report ...
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I think a lot of lessons learned in response to this pandemic will find applications outside of public health crises. Labor shortages and logistics have been chronic challenges. We have had a watershed moment and new technologies that were deemed to be too far out there just got a big push toward the mainstream.
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Juarez Donzele , Thank you very much for your comments and I have added more details. 1) Having adequate levels of arginine and glycine in the diet is important in endogenous synthesis of creatine, however, the AGAT pathway acts as a gatekeeper or regulator of endogenous synthesis. Creamino bypasses the AGAT pathway and allows for an increase in muscle creatine levels of 25-30% over what can be ...
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Congratulations to the entire Engormix team on continuing to go above and beyond in delivering important, newsworthy and noteworthy information to the animal agriculture industry around the world. This growth shows that there is huge interest in what you offer on this platform AND that the industry wants to engage personally with peers, researchers and industry leaders. Keep up the great work!
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Engormix is developing to a major source of scientific findings and exchange in the area of animal health and nutrition. Keep quality content up and analytics will follow. Good job.
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Dr. Piotr Stanislawski the value mentioned in the article was digestibility and it was measured in 2 trials in poultry (2015 and 2017) run at Wageningen University following WPSA protocol. Fully agree that definitions create confusion, but digestibility allows to formulate in a more accurate way. Using availability in inorganic feed phosphates determines almost no differences in different sources, ...
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Sataluri Satagopa Raja Ayyangar Thanks for the comment, but the digestibility of the phosphorus contained in grains is low, if you do not take this into consideration there is a 30-60% of the P contained in these natural sources that will go into the water and causing eutrophication. Even with addition of additives, there always be a demand to cover in intense production systems, which should be f ...
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Engormix will be present at IPPE 2018, the largest annual trade show for the poultry, meat and feed industries, where innovations and new technologies are presented. Carlos Pavesa (Director of Engormix) along with Aurélien Merdassi, Alberto Celis, Marcela García, Juan Vieyra (Commercial Representatives), Javier Tedesco (Marketing), Francisco Pallini, Douglas Lozada (Account Executive ...
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