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The matrix value of individual or multi enzymes when given by the enzyme producer can be depended when the producer company is well trusted.
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in addition to the rest of notes were presented by colleagues the antagonism between Meth. and other amino acids should be considered
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Dr. Aslam, in my understanding not only lysine, but any amino acid supplied above the requirement of the animal or in inadequate proportion, in the case lysine questioned, will be catabolised by reducing the net energy of the diet.
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In any experiment looking at dose response to a single nutrient, all other nutrients need to be maintained at a level where they do not impact on performance parameters being investigated. Obviously if this is not the case, results obtained may be due to deficit of another nutrient, rather than that being studied. In this case, all SID AA levels were maintained at a level expected to be sufficient ...
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Martin Smith thanks for your kind response and making me understand the confusion. you make it clear that extra allowence of lysine will nt be fruitful instead it will impact negatively on energy metabolism. Regards
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Does enzymes affect toxins found in feeds?
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in our factory we face a problem with a pellet hardness, the produced pellet is so hard and the moisture content in the final product is too low (6.5%), resulted in low consumption of the feed in broiler and fish farms . how we can solve this problem , please?
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