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Very informative thanks for share such nice information with us
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The identification of mild to moderate gizzard erosions (GE) in more than 20- 30% of the healthy commercial broilers examined in post mortem sessions, is commonly found in several countries in the Americas and Asia.The gizzard, also called muscular stomach, is composed of a koilin (keratenoid) layer and an underlying mucosa. GE is characterised by damage in the form of erosions that can become ulc ...
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Introduction From the beginning of commercial poultry production, maximizing profit has been the main goal. Profit equals the best feed conversion, days to slaughterer, slaughter weights, livability, and uniformity for the least amount of money. The poultry industry is willing to take less in performance if it maximizes profits. An example of this is with coccidiosis control. Producers will pick t ...
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Congratulations to global nutrition international for this development I am from Pakistan Zubair KarimNaphco Pakistan Pvt LTD
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