Philip Chamberlain
Bachelor Veterinary Science
I can offer professional advice in all aspects of dairy farm development and dairy cattle management, in temperate and tropical environments.
Bachelor Veterinary Science
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I work a lot in dairy development in India, China, Vietnam and northern Australia. I agree that heat management is essential and good cooling systems are available, but must be implemented professionally. However in many tropical climates I work in (hot and very humid) I still firmly believe we should be looking at genetics, both within HF also considering other breeds, including Brown Swiss, and ...
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There is probably no point in deworming at birth. Generally it is only necessary when calves start to graze green pasture or are fed cut pasture that has been fertilized with cattle manure, as calves need to be exposed to larvae from grass to develop infestations. We generally recommend deworming each month - 6 weeks, following access to green grass. Occasional worm egg counts also need to be done ...
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January 21, 2016
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