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"The participation of Dr. Danka, I believe, is the most appropriate in the context of a good management policy, since what the other parties (whose opinions are correct and valuable, of course) mention, they adapt to the conditions multifactorially established a priori through various studies (adjustments of the photoperiod, assertive choice of the germplasm, etc.).   Some of the recommendations o ...
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Excellent information. Did you forget about amino acids?
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Dear Fong Good piece of information and analysis on the world vitamin supply although most of the European companies are buying from China, but for Chinese's product quality issues are still theirs. Sometimes it is hard to justify the cost with quality and buyer always go with the European brands of product. I think and suggest that Chinese companies need to make an association and come out to the ...
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Good morning distinguished members:I agree with the opinions of Drs. Fiodor Marchenkov and Ajay Bhoyar. It is good to reaffirm that there are reference enzymes such as the phytase that acts effectively on the phytic acid, in the measure of the size of the substrate. It is also one of the most versatile enzymes within the synergistic interactions with other enzymes such as eg. xylanase, protease an ...
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I consider it opportune to specify that the benefactor effect in the modulation of the intestinal microbiota, it is through its antimicrobial activity or through the same stimulation of eubiosis (balance of beneficial microflora). This will be repeated, apart from its other properties (eg control of avian coccidia, innunoimulation, etc); in an encouraging performance in the productive parameters: ...
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Luis,,your theory of betaine as a methyl donor like methionine and thus appropriate as a heat mitigating strategy and excess fat mobilization into the citric acid cycle or krebscycle metabolite pathway is of interest to me in medicated feed management of fatty liver and excessive fat deposition I quite agree with you that nutritional aporoach to climate change effect mitigation is in deed releva ...
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Dr. Stephen, same here, thanks for your comment.Best regards from Perú.
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Dear members:I consider it appropriate, rather, to influence the mitigating factors of the caloric effect; the use of osmolytes, especially Betaine. Betaine, also known as trimethylglycine, is an amino acid derivative, that appears in a natural form, with three reactive methyl groups and a dipolar structure. In addition to the donor function of methyl groups, anhydrous betaine is also known a ...
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The use of phytochemicals is an effective option in the context of avian pathology. But it is not the reason of this forum. So, focusing on the subject, it is propitious to mention that: Because of its strong and pungent odor, butyric acid is commonly used in its Butyrate form (as a calcium or sodium salt). Recurrent studies have concluded that after supplementation with Butyrate, there has been a ...
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Good day. Sticking exclusively to the processing/treatment, I would like to specify some aspects to improve the use of fiber in pigs:- It is important to quantify the particle size of the most relevant grains, such as grasses: maize, sorghum and legumes: Soy, for example. The studies conclude that particles of maize grain and GF sorghum with respect to grains> 1,000 μm. In the case of Soy, i ...
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