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DEB is much needed but apart from DEB the much needed things is quality of ingredients and enzyme inclusions.
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Robert Gauthier (WVEPAH) discussed the different trends and concerns of the poultry industry around the world, during IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA.
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Dear Rami Unfortunately still many of the nutrients in feed specification for poultry is crude, like CP , CF , EE and of course Ca. Ca is usually over supplied to the poultry diet from many sources like: Drinking water (as a rule of thumb poultry take water twice the feed intake) , Carrier in premix , concentrate , pro-prebiotics also as anti-caking agent in SBM. For example when you add 1 kg ...
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Dr. Cristiano, we congratulate the team involved in preparing the article, considering the information contained therein. I would like to take the opportunity of the material presented, to make some considerations regarding the implications of the practice of reducing crude protein (CP) in diets for pigs and poultry. First; - it became evident that the demand for essential amino acids, such as thr ...
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Input on supper dosing of phytase. That’s more than 500fyt/kg feed to 1000fy/kg feed.
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Is MOS helpful in eliminating ZEN toxin?
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It’s really not viable to use organic mineral over inorganic one, due to the cost involved in using organic minerals. Secondly, there is no benefit in production levels of broiler or later.
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what is the analysis,amount used,in layers
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