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Consulting in nutrition and management of livestock including dairy. Includes consulting n feed milling, ration formulation and product development programs for feed production systems.
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As pointed out in some earlier discussions, the use of supplemental by-pass amino acids is economically justified either to promote additional milk production or to allow the use of more economical sources of supplemental protein (amino acids). My exerience is that we usually are more economical in working first with locally available feedstuffs than starting to add the more expensive by-pass amin ...
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A very good piece of work discussing alternative feed ingredients. The results are very similar to field work I have done regarding use of cull beans and/or chick peas in cattle diets. The comments about some negative effects also reflect what I have seen if inclusion levels or total amount of the beans/peas are pushed too high. Maximum acceptable levels are usually reached before the economica ...
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Organic farming--either crops or animal is basically not a feasible way for farmers with limited access to capital or inputs to operate. The ability to get "organic certified" inputs in remote or primitive systems is economically impossible and the ability to source the inputs is unfeasible. Producers with limited resources must proceed in a way that allows them to maximize the resources available ...
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A typical Sniffen article--well written, concise and very usable! We all need to look at the overall efficiencies described in this article. A major shift in the thought process of the nutritionist has to be increasing financial return instead of working to get maximum production.In reference to the note from Helen Ajayi, one of the major problems with animal production in the developing regions i ...
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Introduction    There is increasing pressure at federal, state and local levels about nutrient waste and pollution relative to N, P, CH4 and CO2 discharges from the animal industry. Large animal operations have come under more intense scrutiny than small animal operations, with CAFO regulations being put in place.      This has put increasing pressure on producers and ...
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Basically, the use of various ingredients to supply the most cost-efficient supply of nutrients to meet the requirements of the animal being fed is the goal of ration formulation. There are few magic ingredients. Also, there is no single processing system that always provides the best ingredient. As some of the discussions indicate, full fat soy often meets energy requirements before balancing AA ...
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I am also using dry extruded cottonseed as well as extruded soybeans. Do you have similar information for the nutrient characteristics of the Ext CSM. Do you see any drop in the anti-nutritional characteristics of the extruded cottonseed?
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