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Chemical Engineer
Participation in Forum on April 15, 2021
Important discusion about the preconditioner design results in a very important conclusions for the operation. As preconditioner is an special " mixer" it will be important to know opinions on what is the most important in the design. Parameters like, level of operation, time of retention range, one or two axes, sens of rotation of two axes, how to inyect the water and the steam, position of beate ...
Participation in Forum on April 8, 2021
Thanks, professor Michael Joseph, for keeping us awake on the preconditioning and extrusion principles...Is a very good overview useful to teach to our operators and apprentices...
Participation in Forum on January 22, 2015
That is a good new....we have had very good experience with Buhler equipments, processing and engineering and we know its a company with a wide experiece in many processing in food and feed and other several manufacturing processing machines. I hope we could have from Buhler some notes or information of their development in single screw extruders for food processing.... Best regards to all Buhler ...
Participation in Forum on July 3, 2012
Dear Mr Diaz; when you say that flaking process has the greatest effect to improving starch digestion, I understand that this is one of the most economical process to do that, because we know that extrusion process with or whitout conditioning process you can get the best value of gelatinization over 90%....I dont know flaking process getting that gelatinization level...the problem is that with ex ...
Participation in Forum on July 28, 2011
You mentioned in the article that the complete recipe is ground at average 600 microns. What percentage of recipe passing through 600 microns is usually recommended. I mean, it is not necessary to get the 100 percent at 600 microns. So what is the appropiated wire that we coul set into the hammer mill? May be 2mm diameter? 3 mm? Im talking of a recipe for bovins, cows...
Participation in Forum on April 28, 2011
Dear Dr. Luckstadt: are this organic acids recommended on pet foods? which are mainly recommended and what are the effects on palatability?
Participation in Forum on December 18, 2009
Dear Claude: the main effects of reprocessing is the less starch remaining for a new gelatinization as in the first processing you gelatinize part of them and you could not get the best pellet quality in a second process.Probably you may have to use some aglutinant or reinforce the original formula with new raw starch. Anyway, you will probably get additional gelatinization of starches remainin ...
Participation in Forum on January 28, 2008
Here in our country (Chile) we are just starting with this biodiesel processing, mainly with rape oil and some used vegetable oils. I would like to know what are the principal difficulties that we have to warn to processing animal fats (chicken, pig). What is the difference to processing such kind of fats compared with processing vegetable oils?
Participation in Forum on December 21, 2007
Usually in our country, processing at high temperatures and presure is an expensive process because that means special equipments. We are trying to process bovine fats in Chile by the conventional base catalyzed esterification, but we have problems aparently because of impurities in raw fat. Do these bovine fats or chicken fats need a previous treatment before processing? How expensive is this ...
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