Mario E Tobar Jaramillo
Mechanical engineer specialized in metallurgical.
At the present time I realize technical consulting, design, Pelleting and feed manufacturing technical assistance, seminars. etc.
Mechanical engineer specialized in metallurgical.
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Nelson, good morning. Excellent your explanation. Best regards
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Good morning Mark. Thank you very much for your explanation. Your calculations for rolling corn are quite accurate, however, if there is a long residence time of the corn inside the chamber or cooking pot (40 - 60 minutes), in order to obtain humidity, cooking temperature and therefore, gelatinization, something that it is not possible to obtain in the pelletizing process for several reasons that ...
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Mario - Your calculations are accurate, and use an overall efficiency of 15% which may or may not apply in every case but would be a good place to start. Keep in mind that in the steam flaking process, the intent is to heat the grain to 210 degrees F (100 degrees C) which is higher than the conditioning temperatures achieved in the pelleting process. Once the grain is heated to 212 degrees F, t ...
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Dear Enrique, Mark and friends. After having read carefully and tried to interpret what is exposed here about "BOILER RATING" I have one doubt that I wish to share with all of you and, hope to be able to clarify. In my old days with the California Pellet Mill Comp. and Ralston Purina. I always used the formula I learned through Mr Reed Macbain (RIP), A CPM Rep. that I have considered (in my old da ...
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Most flaking mills designed for steam flaking grain will include scraper blades (sometimes referred to as doctor blades) that will continuously clean the surface of the rolls and prevent material from sticking. Properly conditioned corn will be sticky and normally requires a properly functioning scraper blade to keep the roll surface clean. Tempering prior to steam conditioning can be a very use ...
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Mohamad;The moisture content entering the flaking mill should be close to 18% and make sure you have enough residence time in the steam chest in order to hydrolyze the starches. You must be wasting a lot of energy (in form of steam) by trying to transfer the heat into the corn by having an oversized steam chest. I will suggest you to by-pass the tempering step since is not required at this point. ...
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Todd Applegate (University of Georgia) spoke on the effects of whole corn on ileal and cecal microbiota, as well as the importance of collaborative work in today's poultry industry, during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
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Josef Excellent description of Flaking Process. Best personal regards
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