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E.coli is one bacteria is first to acquires resistance against antibiotics and spread to other cohabitant bacterial species. This makes treatment more difficult and expensive. I have tried using bacteriophages against E.coli and Salmonella with great success. Phages are very specific, effective, non toxic and work on resistant bacteria as well. These can also be used along with antibiotics to cont ...
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Islamistheway I didn't understand the query. Can you provide some more details?
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Birds below target weight (under weight) specially from week 8 to 16 are more susceptible to prolapse. Also these birds will not peak and have higher non specific mortality after week 55. All under weight birds are segregated at rearing and provided enough feeder space and feed to recover body weights. Water restriction during rearing for about 1-1.5 hours in the morning helps feed to stay in inte ...
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There is no sigle strain IB vaccine to protect variants present in your area. However, Ma5 from MSD is capable of providing protection against different strains. Spraying the vaccine at hatchery will provide better protection. Mycoplasma control at breeder level (Tiamulin at 25 mg per kg for 2days every 28 days in laying) produce Mycoplasma free chicks. This will reduce E.coli load in broiler Chic ...
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