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In my opinion, we have to look at the entire process. If we do the due diligence of checking the grain from the arrival at the plant, checking moisture levels, broken kernels, protein, etc, we can start avoiding a lot of the problems. Again I reiterate that following a HASAP process could help eliminate many problems.I have observed in the field that many checks in foreign countries are done by th ...
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Dr. Ram Singh Bibyan I agree with you that certain birds can tolerate a different amount of mycotoxins contamination. The root of the problem is to determine levels of mycotoxins in raw materials and then make fine statistical average on the finish feed. That is my opinion while working in the field in over 80 countries and with poultry producers.For example, in Indonesia and other Asian countries ...
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I agree that it needs to be validated with traditional methods as stated in my earlier comments, but there are companies that have validated their tests kits for feeds including raw materials. There are exception that some foreign material may interfere with the test, but again, for field testing is one of the best methods, since there isn’t any traditional method to handle in the field.
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Dear Rena. I have been working with ELISA since the 1980’s, I understand that you may find some false positives, but they are better than false positives and make you recheck the sample with traditional methods. Remember, that in the field, ELISA’S are the most reliable of test kits that we can despond on to either buy grain, feed, other materials.I have worked I Philippines many times ...
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The most important management tool is to educate owners of impacts in poultry deaths due to mycotoxins in feed.I traveled to many countries in my life and one of the major problems is using the most appropriate absorbents in the end product.Diseases are of great impact as well, just that they are poorly recognized in the field.Adapting a HASAP program or a similar type of program, that can constit ...
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Dr Singh Thank you for your comments. I do believe that there are some products that can achieve killing of the mold and toxin. The main problem is the consistency of field testing and owners wanting to in vest in absorbent inhibitiors. Even in India, they use the most economic solutions without major results. First we need to continue the education of end users and make sure they understand th ...
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Thank you for your good comments and studies. The main concern today in the Mycotoxin problematic is the actual control by companies and growers. You can analyse all the symptons in histo pathology, but the main concern is the way companies employ resourses for testing and prevention. In my 34 years experience in the animal busines and more than 65 countries travelled, I hardly find a good control ...
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I feel the standards for mycotoxin are placed on statistical work and field experience in each of the composed states in the USA and all the EU reporting cases. Standards are just adopted for internal purposes of grain acceptance by receivers and exporters. As you know ithe Tates we can reject a truck with 20 PPB of Aflatoxin, but in other Central and Asian countries, they need to accept what they ...
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The standards for mycotoxins have been issued by the GIPSA in USA and the EU comitee for Mycotoxins, Canada has issued their own, as well as Latin America through AFIA. The reality is that standards do not apply to field situations and therefore, I recommend that you follow your own needs based on your field experience. Regards, Raul Felman Thamavet LLC
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