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Virtual 2021 PSA Annual Meeting
Article published the December 23, 2019
IntroductionFor economical reasons soybean meal (SBM) is commonly used as a protein source in animal feeds [1] but the increasing demand and price for SBM is stimulating interest in alternative sources of protein. Apart from the predicted nutritional properties of these novel protein sources, nothing is known about their potential effects on gut immunity and health. The effects of dietary protein ...
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Article published the June 26, 2015
Traditionally the digestive tract of pigs has been considered in view of its primary function being the site where ingested nutrients are processed and enzymatically degraded or fermented and nutrients are absorbed from the lumen towards systemic organs and tissues. More recently the gut is also being considered more explicitly for its other functions, including its barrier fun ...
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Symposium: 'Nutrient requirements and animal health'
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May 13, 2015
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