Article published the March 15, 2021
1. Introduction In free-range and aviary housing systems, individual hen behavior can vary significantly, such that, some hens rarely access the outdoors while others utilize the range regularly [1–4]. Free-range and aviary housing systems provide hens with horizontal and vertical space, allowing for various choices, opportunities, and interactions; including dust bathing, sunbathing, perch ...
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Article published the February 24, 2021
1. Introduction One of the main goals of free-range egg production is to optimise laying performance and egg quality while supporting hen health and welfare. However, opportunities provided in the free-range system allow for the expression of a variety of behaviours, interactions and physical experiences (e.g., being exposed to uncontrolled environmental conditions) which may impact hen health, w ...
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Article published the July 17, 2018
Introduction Recent legislation in Australia, that came into effect from March 2017, states that eggs labelled ‘free-range’ need to be laid by hens with meaningful and regular access to the outdoors and that there would be a ceiling on outdoor stocking density of 10000 hens/hectare [1]. However, earlier model Code of Practice [2] and standards from animal welfare bodies [3, 4], as wel ...
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Article published the May 19, 2015
Free range poultry egg and meat production is a rapidly growing sector in Australia. Establishing free range production enterprises that meet retailer and consumer demands remains a challenge for the poultry industry. Furthermore, Australia is characterised by a wide array of climatic and topographic regions, some of which may expose free range birds to conditions that may affe ...
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