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I think very urgent you use a very good anti coccidiosis to rescue the situation
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Great one.
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Nice pieces. I want more on the infection
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Biosecurity is the soul of poultry farming. With good Biosecurity, you administer less drugs, Maintain good health birds, low mortality, High FCR, improved production at low cost of production. Biosecurity is cheaper and easier than diagnosing disease and treatments. Let's be Biosecurity conscious.
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KAMEC AGRO CONSULTANCY At Kamec Agro, We provide relevant information to individuals, group of people or organization who have either invested or aiming to invest in farming( Poultry, piggery,fishery, snailry,and plantation farm etc) 1. We help to do farm mapping, 2. Planing, 3. Sourcing for inputs, 4. Stocking, 5. Feed formulation 6. Designing vaccination and medication program that suits ...
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