BFSc & MSc (Environmental Sciences)
Shrimps-Conventional system & Biofloc Technology. Marine fin-fishes-Barramundi, Grouper- Hatchery, & Recirculating Aquaculture System. Tilapia- Hatchery & Inland Cages & pond culture.
BFSc & MSc (Environmental Sciences)
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Feed management and Aeration at the rate of 1 HP paddle wheel/ 10 Kg of feed/ day is the key. Applying standard probiotics in pond water and through feed will support the system effectively.
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1. Hot summer limit the oxygen dissolved in the water even you add more paddle wheels it will not work effective as partial covering by orchis mesh - farmers has started partial cover of the ponds in the hot season instead of adding more paddle wheels.2. After big raining the algae collapsed that resulted in exhausted DO in the bottom and favorable pathogen bacteria bloom plus stressful from pH, s ...
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