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nguyen nhu pho
Director of Veterinary hospital Head of internal medicine Department Deputy director of faculty of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Technical Director of Anova Corporation
Participation in Forum on September 22, 2021
Agree with you all. Check pathogenic IB like: 793 B, Var 2, Qx, Q1.
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Dear sir,I agree with all colleagues but I may add a few more observations like pasty vent attract birds for pecking. Non uniformity in weight. In rare cases, intestinal worms are few reasons.
Participation in Forum on August 30, 2016
Please let us know , the new vaccine PEDV developed is killed or live vaccine. Thank you
Participation in Forum on July 26, 2016
PRRS is a big problem in infected farm . It takes time to eradicate PRRS. Mass vaccination for sows every 3 to 4 months and vaccinate for young piglets at 3 weeks old by live vaccine can be controlled outbreak of this disease. PRDC caused by mycoplasma in combination with Haemophilus, APP, Streptococcus can be control by multivalent vaccine RESVAC (Komipharm) or Donoban (Virbac) combine with antib ...
Participation in Forum on October 29, 2015
Dear Dr. Amara. Beside calcium, you should to check biotin, manganese in feed. some case legweakness in 2 weeks chicken can be caused my mycoplasma synoviae infection
Participation in Forum on September 23, 2015
Please explain how Stalosan F can kill PEDv ? and how many percent of piglets survive after application this product. Thank you
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December 25, 2014
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