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Agreed! synergy increases losses, both in young birds as well as in laying birds. However, we do see caseous plugs in bronchi in field outbreaks in broilers and pullets, not in adult laying birds.
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The report appears a well documented evidence of reproductive tract damage by the AI virus. However, it is unusual that mortality returned to normal figures in about 2 weeks. In our experience, once a layer flock gets AI virus challenge during production, mortality increases and then decreases but never to normal mortality figures. There remains persistent higher mortality throughout the life of t ...
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The information is based on field observations. It is not even a case control study. However, it is useful. The injudicious or extensive use of live variant serotypes in poultry production may be of concern. We know these will protect birds but we do not know whether these can play role in giving rise to more variant serotypes? Is 4/91 alone or in combination with standard serotypes, available ...
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Few basic questions before interpreting the findings in this study: 1. Can RO water serve as control for open well and bore-well water when the objective is to study effect of acidifier & sanitizer? When comparing the three types of water, it is OK. 2. What was pH of water in all groups? If it was not equal then .... 3. Water quality is usually measured in terms of salts and bacterial count. The ...
Discussion created on July 20, 2014
Pale atrophied spleen (photo above) is becoming a common finding on postmortem examination in commercial poultry. What could be its significance for field veterinarian? Normal appearance of spleen is given in my album for comparison.
Discussion created on July 20, 2014
Discussion created on July 20, 2014
Normal spleen.
Photos published on July 20, 2014
Normal Spleen
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