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Soybean meal (SBM) after fishmeal the most expensive ingredient in the fish feed. Furthermore, the anti-nutritional factors present in SBM such as lectins, protease inhibitors, antigenic compounds and so on tend to reduce the fish’s growth and effect of pathological changes on its intestinal mucosa. Once the SBM level exceeded 50% in the feed, this induces mucous membrane inflammation and da ...
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Hello Anup, Our phytobiotics can be mixed either at farm level and at feed mill. They are thermostable and support hight temperatures of pelletizing and extrusion. At feed mill they should be included in the mixer. And at farm level top dressed using an oily binder.
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Cristina García Diez, Specialist for Aquaculture from Liptosa, talks about the company's products they offer to the Aquaculture market at VIV Asia 2017, in Thailand.
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It is true that organic acid is effective against disease prevention as it inhibits the action of pathogenic microbes. Another important role, that it helps for better digestion and nutrient utilisation. The non conventional protein sources can be better utilised with organic acid as additives.
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