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Socorro Magdalena Escorcia MartínezHi SocorroIB viruses have a natural tendency for changing, especially in the S1 region.There is no need for using different variants of IB viruses to get the mutations.During many many years, all the world used the H-120 IB classic strain to vaccinate. Despite it, many different and new variants developed such as the 793B, QX, IB-Var2 (Israel).Some of thes ...
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Why do sophisticated and educated "minds" called humans don't see that Salmonella is something else than what they "think" but the show must go on. The payment comes in the pocket and the Industry >>today Denmark is declared as Salmonella free... what a misconception. forgot to say that I watched the Idiotcy over > 25 playing in the Market of Multinationals. Hope someday scientists will o ...
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Alissa Welsher hello Alissa, important to know is the groundwater dept and temp. in the foreseen area,s. according to that we can drop temp. arround 5-12 degrees. so when we can help,just let me know. marcel Waanders the Netherlands. optifarmarcel
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Munawar Ali , Dear Sir, how deep is groundwater in the area,s,and which temp. has the groundwater? I may have an innovative alternative due to hot weather and humidity. best regards, marcel waanders the netherlands.
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SOHAIL BASHARAT hello Sir, there are more sophisticated ways, with low areation and at least 8-10 degrees lower Temp. your comment is correct though. regards marcel
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Martin Rishoj thx. maybe it was a little .... but sometimes I got a little tired Dr. talking no-thing.if you have questions,you,re always welcome. before we share intelligence and not intellect we like to know you better. in my worldnetwork we skype a lot. my skypeadres; marcel.waanders1. have a great day.
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dear Sirs, there are many possibillities today for antibiotic free farming. problem in general is the belief in the old system followed over centuries. the talks here are saying nothing at all, and should be common practise! sorry to say, it is a joke. i am happy that "old forces" will lose their rope in the poultryproduction. we are on the road and enjoy a proper and clean peace of delicious ...
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Dear Ahmed Anjum, I agree with you in a perfect world. Where we have 100% of farmers and natural birds under control. There we will have the control of this things. Without a good management, we will never be able to go away from AGP and Zinc and other methods. But what is homeostasis in birds? No one till now could really answer me this question and show it to me how it should be, we start easy t ...
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Thank you for comments, I would like to stress the following: 1. Organic minerals will not solve the problem of the stress, their supplementation is effective only in the case of dietary mineral (Zn, Mn, Cu, Se) deficiency. If the diet is adequate in these minerals, there would not be much response in terms of antioxidant enzyme synthesis. The technology of supplying special vitagene-regulating m ...
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John Brake (NC State University) talked about feed quality, gut development and housing conditions to prevent Salmonella during CLANA 2016 in Cancun, Mexico.
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