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IntroductionThe impressive genetic improvement of poultry growth rate has led to a modern bird with a very low feed conversion rate (FCR), high average daily gain (ADG) and low mortality. Unfortunately, this fast growth rate is often directly linked with digestive problems, such as bacterial enteritis (BE) or dysbacteriosis and even necrotic enteritis (NE). These intestinal health problems have si ...
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Good morning everyone, I am a Veterinarian specialized in Animal Production who has been working since 1997 with poultry, rabbit, cattle, sheep, goat and pig farms. Now, for a year I have been working at the National Health Service as an Animal Health Veterinarian in Tuscany. If my support and my skills on the subject can be used, I will be happy to give my contribution to the project. Congratulat ...
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Zahed Abbasi i agree with you. When there is mortality the disease is acute and the only solution is antibiotic of first choice then, after an antibiogram, the right antibiotic. Surely working in prevention with plant extract, lactobacillus used as probiotics and a good management will help to prevent clostridiosis. In my opinion as a VET working with farm animals since 1997, we must use all the " ...
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Most of the mycotoxin contamination is of field origin, this is valid also for aflatoxin, in the latest ecition of Compendium of corn diseases it was transferrer to field fungi and no discussed in chapter stotage fungi. From maize the higher aflatoxin rate from aflatoxin B1 was more than 2200 pp, fumonisin B1+B2 was 46 mg/kgand DON 27 mg/kg.In wheam the worst data wete between 20 and 30 mg/kg, but ...
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Dr. Doug Korver,Is there any role of Trace Minerals and Vitamins for skeletal formation in rearing period of Laying Birds and in the Old age birds?
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I agree because "all hens require a specific amount of nutrients to maintain production and skeletal structure. The skeleton and dietary requirements of hens are unique relative to the level of calcium consumed and the amount of bone that is constantly being built and resorbed".Hence, rearing period is important to make a strong structural bone and management of sexual maturity to built a high med ...
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It is a common mistake to think about water treatment as something to be done only at the end of production. As Brian says, control needs to begin early on in the flow, and needs to be maintained throughout in order to keep the pressure on the microbes. We will be presenting some data on feed and water acidification using formic acid at PSA this summer. We found that continuous water acidification ...
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Joshua Jendza Field trials using an organic acid blend of propionic, acetic and benzoic acids administered the first two weeks and the last week of the growout have shown a significant impact on reducing Salmonella at processing (bird washes). Organic acids used at the "proper" dose early and late in the growout addresses early colonization and late recontamination. What you're doing is reducing b ...
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Enrique Alfonso Valverde Díaz De León Sodium Diformate does not extend the acidification past the proventriculus. There is too much buffering in the Duodenum. However, in the acidic foregut and in acidic micro-environments like at the brush border membrane, formate HCOO- can pick up H+ to become HCOOH again. Once that happens, it becomes non-polar and can be absorbed across microbial ...
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Dear Livhuwani. I totally agree with you. Sometimes it is the small family farm that does not think they need or should do any biosecurity. It is seen by them as something only applicable to the large farms. Although this is a very important area and can have huge economic effects not only for them but also for larger farms. It is, unfortunately, an education process of why they are doing it to no ...
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