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Hello Sir, First i would like to thank you for the reply, also i may bug you with few more queries. 1} Can i use food grade diatomaceous earth with Liiteron's presence, which the birds would peck on it an keep the bedding aerated. 2) We have a poultry of 15000sqft, as you have mentioned about using the bricks. I find it very expensive, rather i was thinking of materials like polythene tarpaulins ...
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Hi Mr Ganesh Kumar Dahal, I have been breading broilers (integrated system ) in bangalore a few months back and have been breading approximately 14000 chickens in one batch. I have been facing problems with the deep litter system in the poultry house. The poultry house is a earthern flooring. The Procedure i follow for bedding is first i prepare the floor by giving a lime wash then apply c ...
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