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Hangzhou DE Mark Industrial Co Ltd - China

Hangzhou DE Mark Industrial Co Ltd
Hangzhou DE Mark Industrial Co Ltd
Ronnick FONG
Ronnick FONG
Hangzhou, Zhejiang [Chekiang] , China

3 ESSENDIS™ A plant origin alternative of AGP


The ban of antibiotics as growth promotoers in animal feed in many countries and the demand for natural alternatives have increased interest in essential oils in recent years.

3 Essendis is a plant essential oil compound product specially developed for animal use by screening of various plant essential oils and produced  by applying state-of-art technology. It has triple functions of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and growth promotion.


3 Essendis Premix: 

Thymol ≥ 7.5%
Cinnamaldehyde ≥ 5%
Carvacrol ≥ 2.5%

3 Essendis Oral solution:

Thymol ≥ 5%
Cinnamaldehyde ≥ 5%


Highly Stability

The unique molecular-embedded sustained-release structure of 3 Essendis guarantee its continuously releases of essential oil molecules in the intestine, maintaining sufficient inhibitory concentration for optimal function. Being protected from heat and moisture, 3 Essendis can minimize the volatilization of the active ingredients expansion and pelletization process.

Function and Application

3 Essendis is effective in prevention poultry from diarrhea.

3 Essendis has synergistic effects with enzyme,organic acids,chelated amino acids,and commonly used antibiotics.

3 Essendis improves the daily weight gain and feed convention rate,and 3 Essendis improves production capacity and animal product quality.




For infection prevention:

1) The addition of the premix type in the complete feed (unit g/t):

Broilers: 200-300
Layers:  200-300

(2) The addition of oral solution type  in drinking water (unit: g/m3):

Broilers:  100-150
Layer:   100-150

For treatment of infectious disease:

Double dosage, or subject to your veterinarian or practitioner’s advice.


1. This product is easy to absorb moisture, avoid storing the product unsealed in a humid environment
2. When using drinking water, it has a comprehensive cleaning effect on the waterline.
3 Please use up after the product package is opened.


Packing: 20kg in cartons/bags.
Storage: stored in a ventilated and dry environment, avoid direct sunshine.


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