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Tributyrin is a kind of butyric acid derivative, consisting of three molecules of butyric acid and one molecule of glycerol, with cream, butter aroma. In the intestine, it is released slowly through t
Introduction Urea, a non-protein nitrogen(NPN), can be synthesized into microbial proteins for utilization by rumen microorganisms, It is the main NPN source widely used in ruminant diets in the worl
Monolaurin is a monoester formed by lauric acid and glycerol. It is a widely used food emulsifier, and is also a safe, efficient and broad-spectrum bacteriostatic agent. At the same time, it has anti-
Laurin-Cu is a new antibacterial and antiviral preparation, with copperic laurate as active component produced by lipid preparation technology with inorganic copper reacting with lauric acid. Laborato
Quantitative Composition Each 100 g contains: Tylvalosin Tartrate………………….5g Excipients q.s. ad………………&hel
The ban of antibiotics as growth promotoers in animal feed in many countries and the demand for natural alternatives have increased interest in essential oils in recent years. 3 Essendis is a plant e
When feeds exposed to water, they fall apart and deteriorate, then not only costly ingredients were wasted, but the feed residue pollute pond bottoms that leads to extra problems. "Water stability" i
Ruminants present unique nutrition challenges because the rumen environment destroys susceptible nutrients such as choline,lysine,methionine and nicotinic acid. Our state of the art encapsulation tech
Cysteamine is a component of co-enzyme A and works as a physiological regulator. Cysteamine hydrochloride,in animal industry, has below effects: Reduce the concentration of somatostatin in the body,
1.BRIEF INTRODUCTION Halquinol is an antimicrobial compound belonging to the group of hydroxyl-quinolines, which is a combination of: 5-Chloro-8-hydroxyquinoline,  5,7-Dichloro-8-hydroxyquinol
Coccidiosis is an important parasitic disease in poultry. The outbreaks of coccidiosis results in the need for an effective product to treat them.Toltrazuril is a latest anticoccidial therapeutic agen
Tilmicosin is a macrolide antibiotic synthesized from tylosin. It has a wide spectrum of activity against Gram-positive  and some Gram-negative microorganisms. Following oral administration, tilm
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