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The use of yellow grease is highly dangerous in animal nutrition

Yellow grease is the result of recycling used oil from fast food restaurants and then waste animal fat from slaughterhouses for poultry, swine and cattle is added.

Theoretically, yellow grease is filtered and stabilized with antioxidant, then stored for export. Some exporters have the nutritional profile. In fact, yellow grease may be contaminated with toxic waste such as water contaminated with bacteria, residual oil used in motor vehicles (as happened in Europe with the Dioxin), high acidity and other non-digestible compounds to animals.

These toxic compounds alter liver cells causing a fatty liver syndrome that can be confused with hepatitis.

Animals that eat yellow fat have low performance in comparison to those who consume soybean oil or corn.

Stabilized Feeding fat Yellow Grease

I´ll be looking forward to hearing your opinion and experiences...

Joaquin Armando Paulino Paniagua
Agro Engineer Zootechnist
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Hossein Irandoust Hossein Irandoust
Animal Nutritionist
July 21, 2013
no, it is depend on type of animal, level of oil in the diet, method of process, method of recycling and rate of thermal damage of the oil. Foe example, I compared 3 types of soy oil sources in laying hens and broiler diets and there were not and significant difference between fat sources including soy oil, recycled soy oil and soy oil soap stocks. my experimental parameters were productive and growth performance and oxidation stability in egg and meat during storage in fridge.
July 21, 2013
Consumption of oils and fats submitted to repeat thermal heating has an influence on plasma lipidic peroxidation, which becomes higher with increasing number of heating processes applied. also when the yellow grease is contaminated with mineral oil (oil for vehicles or engines) is difficult to measure, separate and quantify, to this is added waste soap industry that often is added.
July 22, 2013
To avoid it all, although wear good use palm oil, soybean oil, corn oil, should be tested "DOBI"first before using. Besides all the spec requirements are met, it is better to do a test DOBI
Mike Addy Mike Addy
January 5, 2021
Actually, this varies with animal. Animals like pig will benefit greatly from yellow grease while it may not really be good for other animals
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