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I have been researching on water probiotics to help improve pond water quality. I would need a recommendation on a water probiotic that works well with plastic/concrete fish ponds. Also what cheaper w...
Last comment: July 8, 2016
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Just interested in the process used to apply probiotics with feed, how is mixed and applied to the ponds. Does the feed manufacturer incorporate the probiotic in thefeed production process?...
Last comment: February 17, 2016
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I would like to know the safe percentage in using Saccharomyces cerevisiae for sheep feeding, as well as added impact on the revival of the rumen. ...
Last comment: January 5, 2013
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Probiotics for pigs – how can they be made to work? James McLaren - Mar. 2006 SUMMARY The removal of antibiotic growth promoters from farm animal feeds has led to renewed interest in the use o...
Last comment: August 15, 2006
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