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Mixing: guidelines for quality feed production ensuring better animal performance

Published on: 10/07/2020
Author/s : Mohamed MAMMERI, PhD, Global Product Manager, Phileo by Lesaffre & Cécile Sampsonis, PhD, Products Formulation Manager, Phileo by Lesaffre.

Phileo is constantly working to improve its range of yeast probiotics, giving farmers and companion animal keepers effective and consistent products, backed by extensive trials evidence and practical user experience. The company is also committed to making sure all its probiotics are handled properly during the feed production process, maintaining their power and effectiveness through to their eve...

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rimdha rimdha
October 7, 2020

Thank you for sharing about animal feed process.

I will be even more graceful if you can highlight me:

For an academic trial, I want to add essential oil to rabbit feed.

As i'm experimenting different methods to protect and stabilize my essentiel oil, I don't know how to determine the minimal amount of additive I should prepare to obtain a decent homogenity on my rabbit pelleted feed.

Giuseppe Bigliani Giuseppe Bigliani
International Account Executive
November 5, 2020
Good day Mohamed,

Thank you for your article. Although Dr. Benke was my professor at KSU and I respect him highly, I personally consider his "EXCELLENT & GOOD" ratings in the 1994 chart based on the percentage of the coefficient of variation is not accurate anymore and this should be re-evaluated.

With today's technology and variety of mixing equipment, an "EXCELLENT" CV in the feed milling industry is considered equal or below 5%. 10-15% CV is not considered good anymore, even if the diets are for bovines, big species, hogs, etc., The mixing efficiency or CV has to be equal or below 5%, which could be achieved with different types of mixers (single or double-shaft paddle mixers, some ribbon-paddle mixers, etc.).

If you have questions please contact me at any time.

Congratulations to ENGORMIX, your web portal is doing an excellent job to the Agri-Business industries at worldwide level !!!

Giuseppe Bigliani

July 19, 2022

what is the nutritional requirement for various poultry in the farm?
how best can i mix feeds to get maximum profits?
what is the parentage of various feeds at each level?

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