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maggot meal production

Forum: to make Maggot meal

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Adeleke Adeyemi Adeleke Adeyemi
November 30, 2012

Hello Mr Ediwarman,

Did You dry the maggots before milling it or you just milled it raw? Thanks.

Kabir Ahmed Chohan Kabir Ahmed Chohan
December 11, 2012

Dear Mr Ediwarman,

Can you tell me about maggot farming? How can it be start from small scale? If you have any material related to this farming then do send me that.


February 4, 2015
Dear Ediwarman,
How and what are the material is needed for making the maggot meal?
February 5, 2015

Hello Mr. Adeleke Adeyemi

Yes, I drain the maggot before grinding.

For Mr. Kabir Ahmed Chohan
I cultivate maggot using palm kernel meal (PKM) as BSF larvae feed. you can see my photo. in this web.

For mr. Richard Lim

I use palm kernel meal (PKM) for the cultivation of maggot.

Kabir Ahmed Chohan Kabir Ahmed Chohan
February 5, 2015
Hello Ediwarmen.

Thanks for sharing it

Can you please send me feasibility on maggots meal ?? I need to know from very start cultivation to the grinding and packing of it please.

Send me at : kabirahmedchohan@gmail.com

Waiting for your reply.
April 2, 2015
Halo Pak Ediwarman apakah ada alamat e-mail yang bisa dihubungi? bisa kontak saya di priyatnadp@yahoo.com ?, mau tanya bagaimana pengolahan maggot kering jadi pelet apung, perlu campuran apa sajakah? apakah mengurangi nutrisinya atau sebaiknya 100% maggot kering saja?
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