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Effects and consequences of a product finished in reprocessing

I work in a feed factory and we are producing feed for shrimp. There’s a remaining of the finished product, resulting from the previous cycle. Its general characteristics are: micro pellet dimensions with a diameter of 2mm by 6mm long, 35 min of protein, 7 min of fat, 12 max of humidity, 3 max of fiber, 12 max of ashes, doesn’t contain a compactor, the feed only agglutinates by means of wheat starch gelatinization.
This is the issue: a reprocessing of the feed was proposed, from the grinding, mixing, pelletizing (1.8mm) and the stage of final lubrication with 3 fish oils (aspersion bath)for odor and flavor. This is to change the feed presentation (dimensions).
Which would be the effects in the feed?
Which would be the consequences in the shrimp?
Which would be the effects on human beings for practicing this method?
Claude Satigny

Claude Satigny
Chemical Engineer
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Ignacio Arancibia Ignacio Arancibia
Chemical Engineer
December 18, 2009
Dear Claude:
the main effects of reprocessing is the less starch remaining for a new gelatinization as in the first processing you gelatinize part of them and you could not get the best pellet quality in a second process.Probably you may have to use some aglutinant or reinforce the original formula with new raw starch.
Anyway, you will probably get additional gelatinization of starches remaining and new starches and probably will get better digestibility for shrimps with a second temperature process.

Oyedele Oyewumi Oyedele Oyewumi
Technical Marketing Manager
January 5, 2010
the effect of reprocessing a finished products
1. additional starch will be required for proper gelatinisation.

2. since the finished feed will be subjected to further heating, the digestibility of the reproceessed feed will be improved
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