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Animal feed Use DL-Methionine CUC

Animal feed Use DL-Methionine from CUC Unisplendour, one of the essential amino acids, is the first limiting amino acid in poultry Feeds, and also essential in cattle feed, and is the second or third limiting Amino Acids in pigs feed. DL-Methionine is to promote growth, nutrition and health.

DL-Methionine participates in synthesis of tissue proteins, vitamins, enzymes and hormones taking part in nitrogen, carbohydrate and fat metabolisms, and it is the important source of methyl groups for synthesis of all nucleic acids, as well as the sulfur source for sulfonic compounds.

Amino Acid DL-Methionine is often used in the feed industry to meet the protein demand of target animals and fish , in order to maximize production performance and reduce nitrogen emission. Usually, diets for piglets and growing pigs can show a considerable deficiency in Methionine, especially when formulated to achieve low nitrogen excretion for ecological reasons. Such a deficiency must be conveniently compensated for by adding Health Food DL Methionine in animal protein.
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Joshua Koo
Sales Manager
Mahya Pahlevan Mahya Pahlevan
February 14, 2017

I have a question about this source of Met. What difference is there among this source and degossa (evoniq)?

star Enrique Diaz Enrique Diaz
Agro Engineer Zootechnist. Product Line Manager Vegetable Oil & Animal Feed Divisions
Anderson International Corp Anderson International Corp
Ohio, United States
February 15, 2017
DL-Methionine and L-Lysine are synthetic aminoacids that are extensively used on the formulation for poultry and swine feeds. The presence of these aminoacids on vegetable meals or animal meals (such as soybean meal and meat & bone meal respectively) is limited and has to be complemented additionally in order to make the formula feasible and to cover all the requirement for the animal.

Synthetic DL-Methionine can be found in the market in dry powder and liquid presentations, the most common commercial name was Degussa in the past, selling a product with 95% concentration or purity, then other companies like Rhone Poulenc (Rhodimet) and Novus (Alimet) introduced the Methionine hydroxy- analogue in liquid version at concentrations of 82-85%.

Nowadays the dry powder DL-Methionine at 99% is being commercialized by Evonik and other asiatic manufacturers and the hydroxy-analogue is still sold as Rhodimet by Addiseo and as Alimet by Novus with 88% concentration or methionine activity.

I used to work in the past with the dry powder and the liquid presentations and both works perfectly.

Greeting from Texas!
Enrique Diaz
February 18, 2017
Please explain about the liquid methionine.
Thank you
star Alagbe olujimi John Alagbe olujimi John
Animal Production & Health
May 25, 2017
Methionine and Lysine are very essential amino acids.
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