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Innovative Method of Converting Food Wastes for Aquaculture & Livestock Feeds

Published: July 2, 2019
Leo Obaldo (Hawaii Department of Agriculture) discussed existing management practices and alternative sources of feed like Black Soldier Fly, during 2019 NIAA Annual Conference: Animal Agriculture - Innovation, Technology and Consumer Engagement in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.
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Leo Obaldo
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Abdelhamid Eid
4 de junio de 2020
thank you for your good article
Ali Baykal
4 de junio de 2020
Thank you for your video.
Ali Baykal
28 de abril de 2020
Please send me pdf
Romeo d. Caturao
16 de marzo de 2020
Would you pls and kindly send me the manuscript, if possible? I will use this as a reference in aquaculture subject. Thank you very much.
kuttu julius musa
11 de marzo de 2020
A very good study on BSF
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