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Article published the August 9, 2019:

Effects of feed processing on stability of live yeast activity

A data-mining approach to help understanding key-technological parameters. Efficiency and productivity in the feed industry are rapidly increasing to meet a growing consumer demand in terms of safe and susta...
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Oriane Guerin
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Article published the February 5, 2018:

Reutericyclin producing Lactobacillus reuteri modulates development of fecal microbiota in weanling pigs

Introduction Lactobacillus reuteri is a host-specific intestinal symbiont of humans and vertebrate animals (Walter, 2008; Frese et al., 2011). L. reuteri is commercially applied in cereal fermentations (Brandt...
Author/s :
Michael GänzleRuurd T. Zijlstra
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Article published the January 23, 2018:

Selective manipulation of the gut microbiota improves immune status in vertebrates

INTRODUCTION In a broad sense, every single microorganism has been perceived to be a pathogenic threat, which, if uncontrolled, may cause devastating disease in complex live organisms. To understand this view,...
Author/s :
Delbert GatlinJorge Galindo-VillegasPeter De Schryver
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Article published the November 9, 2017:

A Holistic Approach In Animal Nutrition

The livestock sector is responsible for providing healthy food to society and ensuring their health. Production is changing parameters and values of productive performance due to the obligation to replace th...
Author/s :
Joaquin Armando Paulino Paniagua
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Article published the September 14, 2017:

Evaluation and Selection of Bacillus Species Based on Enzyme Production, Antimicrobial Activity, and Biofilm Synthesis as Direct-Fed Microbial Candidates for Poultry

INTRODUCTION The continuous tendency to reduce the use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) in poultry production, due to social concern about generation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, has resulted in the ...
Author/s :
Amanda WolfendenAnita MenconiBilly HargisGuillermo TellezJose Luis Vicente Juan LatorreLisa BielkeRoss WolfendenXochitl Hernandez
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Article published the June 9, 2017:

Bangladesh: Improving productivity of tilapia in ponds

The efficacy of Bacillus probiotics in disease prevention and increasing yields. Bangladesh has about 5 million ha of inland water resources such as rivers, estuaries, natural and manmade reservoirs, ponds and...
Author/s :
Olivier Decamp
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Article published the April 27, 2017:

Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 Attenuates Allergy Development in a Pig Model

Introduction Probiotics have been studied as mucosal immune modulators targeting allergy outcomes. Several human probiotic trials tracking eczema and other forms of allergy have yielded inconsistent results [...
Author/s :
Federico Zuckermann
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Article published the January 6, 2017:

Effect of Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. Boulardii and b-galactomannan oligosaccharide on porcine intestinal epithelial and dendritic cells challenged in vitro with Escherichia coli F4 (K88)

  Introduction The infection by enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) is one on the most important causes of neonatal and postweaning diarrhea (PWD) in piglets. ETEC causes significant morbidity and mo...
Author/s :
Dr. Henri SalmonFrançois MeurensProf. Joaquim BrufauRosil Lizardo
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Article published the November 11, 2016:

Selection of Bacillus spp. for cellulase and xylanase production as direct-fed microbials to reduce digesta viscosity and Clostridium perfringens proliferation using an in vitro digestive model in different poultry diets

Introduction Necrotic enteritis (NE) in broilers is a multi-factorial disease with severe economic implications (1). It is caused by type A strains of Clostridium perfringens that are specific to poultry with ...
Author/s :
Amanda WolfendenBilly HargisGuillermo TellezJose Luis Vicente Juan LatorreLisa BielkeRoss WolfendenXochitl Hernández Velasco
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Article published the September 19, 2016:

Oral administration of Lactobacillus plantarum 299v modulates gene expression in the ileum of pigs: prediction of crosstalk between intestinal immune cells and sub-mucosal adipocytes

Introduction Probiotic bacteria may exert a beneficial effect on the host’s health by steering immunological reactions in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. One example for a bacterial strain that is appli...
Author/s :
Theo Niewold
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