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Norielyn Fajilan
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Evonik’s Handling Solutions for proper handling of amino acids

Evonik’s Handling Solutions



The handling of amino acids from bags, big bags or bulk silos in the feed mill is important to produce high quality feed. Efficient weighing and transport cycles needs to be fine-tuned to achieve short batch cycles and high output. A well-aligned setup of hardware, software solutions for micro-ingredient handling and dosing is essential. Comprehensive engineering and commissioning support ensures optimum benefit.


In order to check whether the feed mixer is operating properly, supplemented amino acids are analyzed in 10 compound feed samples out of one batch of feed. Owing to the high analytical accuracy of amino acids, AMINOBatch® allows for a realistic evaluation of mixing quality. The AMINOBatch® test helps to produce homogeneous compound feed, supporting uniform and consistent animal performance.




AMINOBatch® Working Precision Test is a unique tool to get comprehensive data for the working precision of the dosing and mixing lines for all amino acids in the process in one single test. The working precision test provides results for the application of dry and liquid additives in the same mixing line under comparative conditions.




AMINOSys® comprises consulting, hardware and software solutions for micro-ingredient handling and dosing in feed mills. The AMINOSys® range of equipment offers flexible solutions for fully automated direct dosing or for conveying from bulk silos to existing micro-ingredient systems. Comprehensive engineering and commissioning support ensures maximized benefit for the feed mill.

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