Protection from direct and indirect solar radiation - an important factor for dairy cows in summer

Published on: 09/06/2022
Author/s : Israel Flamenbaum Ph. D. / Cow Cooling Solutions, Ltd.

In a previous article that I recently published, I dealt with the importance of drinking water and water for cooling the cows, when dealing with the summer heat. In this article, I would like to deal with another factor that I see as very important in the above-mentioned confrontation, and it is shade, or in other words, preventing the exposure of cows to direct and indirect solar radiation in the...

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Rajeshwaran Rajeshwaran
September 6, 2022
As rightly mentioned, the suggested practices are for the capital intensive large-scale farms. For farmers having 1 or 2 individual animals at home (outside home) the suggestions to be given to protect the animal from heat stress will be different. To put it more straight, the suggestions being proposed are not suitable.

Reduction of heat stress in dairy animals is a must. And this begins with the choice of breed. Temperate climate breeds such as Holstein Friesian and Jersey are NOT suitable for countries situated in the tropical region where the normal ambient temperature is over 30 degree Celsius. The existing indigenous breeds in each country are the best in this regard, for these breeds have been developed over 5000 years and the animals have become acclimatized to not just the local weather conditiotns but also to the fodder available and the method of rearing being practiced there.

I am sure the author will agree.
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