Prevalence of lameness and associated risk factors in Canadian Holstein-Friesian cows housed in freestall barns

Published on: 04/20/2020
Author/s : L. Solano *, H. W. Barkema *, E. A. Pajor *, S. Mason *, S. J. LeBlanc †, J. C. Zaffino Heyerhoff †, C. G. R. Nash †, D. B. Haley †, E. Vasseur ‡, D. Pellerin §, J. Rushen #, A. M. de Passillé #, and K. Orsel *

INTRODUCTION Lameness is one of the most important welfare, health, and productivity problems in intensive dairy farming worldwide. Furthermore, it causes pain (Whay et al., 1998; Rushen et al., 2007), reduces longevity (Booth et al., 2004; Canadian Dairy Information Centre, 2014), milk production (Warnick et al., 2001; Green et al., 2002), and reproductive performance (Hernandez et al., 2001; Ga...

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Abdul Qader Samsor Abdul Qader Samsor
DVM, diploma in animal production
April 20, 2020

This is good and valuable research information.
Lameness in Frisian breed in European countries also high than other breeds, beside of genetic could be depend on wet climatic condition, but in tropic and sub tropical climate not as high as temperate climate. feed and feeding may also have important rule. thanks

April 21, 2020

What are hot climate animals?

DVM,M.Sc(Hons) vety,pathology
April 23, 2020

Comprehensive study on lameness in friesian dairy cow in Canada but this problem is not high in our country, Pakistan. Our indigenous breeds of cow has a very little lameness problem but imported breeds friesian and jersey have this problem.

April 29, 2020

Freisian and Ayrshire cows tend to suffe more lameness during wet season compared to Jerseys. However, during the dry season, they all appear to be OK.

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