Meeting Heifer 24 Month Target

Published on: 07/08/2016
Author/s : John Fish, Vilofoss

Many factors contribute to achieving an age at first calving of 24 months for heifers. John Fish from Vitfoss highlights the importance of calf health and mineral nutrition. There’s been much discussion on the topic of the optimal age at first calving (AFC) however numerous studies have shown that targeting an age of 24 months at first calving can be optimal for lifetime performance. An...

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Anna Catharina Berge Anna Catharina Berge
PhD in Comparative Pathology
Berge Veterinary Consulting Berge Veterinary Consulting
Vollezele, Brabant, Belgium
July 8, 2016
Thank you for the article. I am wondering what the approximate price is of the Vitcox treatment compared to the usual anticoccidial treatments such as Amprolium?

Kind regards,
Catharina Berge
Berge Veterinary Consulting BVBA
John Fish John Fish
July 8, 2016
Hi Catharina,
Thank you for the question/interest in VitCox.
The preventative treatment consists of 0.7ml per head/day for a minimum of 30 days. Based on this the cost would be approx. €2.00 per animal for the 30 day treatment. More info can be found at:
If you have any further questions then please let me know.
John Fish
Vitfoss (UK)
Fredrick Karanja Mirara Fredrick Karanja Mirara
Dairy producer
July 19, 2016
Is Vitfoss Microfeeders recommended for countries in summer grazing or there are others designed for tropical countries. Kindly give further information indicating its availability in other countries like Kenya where I come from.
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