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Cecal Dilatation on dairy cattle and its relationship wtih feeding

Forum: What is the reason of Cecal Dilatation on dairy cattle and its relationship wtih feeding? Also What is the incidence of displaced abomasum on heifers?

Hello everybody, There is a dairy farm in Turkey. The avarage milk yield of the cows is about 32 lt/day. For 10-15 days, it has seen cecal dilatation and right displaced abomasum very often. As I know either cecal dilatation or displaced abomasum is related wtih particul size of TMR and low forage: concantre ratio in TMR. But the interesting thing is, none of them is wrong. I mean there is 45% of forage on the TMR and the particle size is like to be. And the second interesting thing is they have seen displaced abomasum on a heifer 12 months of age. So I am confused. I am not an veterinarian, if somebody has any opinion and shares it with me I would be glad. Is displaced abomasum seen on heifers, 12 months of age? what is the relationship between DA and feeding? Have I been missing any thing?

Duygu Ekin
Agro Engineer Zootechnist
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