Therapeutic efficacy of AV/UTL/17 in cows

Forum: Therapeutic efficacy of AV/UTL/17 in cases of postpartum gynaecological disorders in cows: a field study

Published on: 09/04/2012
Author/s : Rajiv Walia, K.Ravikanth, Shivi Maini and Divesh Sood (Ayurvet)
Introduction Post partum period is the most crucial transitory phase in bovine life when various physiological, gynaecological, biochemical changes occur. During this period the cattle is exposed to high risk of infection to uterus as the anatomical barriers are breached and genitilia remains open for various days (Goff and Horst, 1997). Post parturient retention of foetal membranes & gynaeco...
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Abdelhalim Abdelhalim
doctor of Veterinary Medicine
September 4, 2012

Thank you for the article Mrs.Shivi Maini, which is very interesting.

Is there a study or monitoring program for the cows were treated AV/UTL/17 to note that it will not present the same pathologies at their next calving ?


September 20, 2012
Mam its really a encouraging article,concentration of exapar 500ml can help expul retain placenta, above 10 hrs and if given extra (double dose) will have -ve impact on straing of uterus.knw us its effectiveness after 12 hrs.


Sujay Chougule,
Ripu Daman Singh, Dr Ripu Daman Singh, Dr
Product Manager
September 25, 2012

It is a very interesting article explaining the efficacy of herbal preparation in treatment of post parturient complications. Thank you for the information.
Is there any further study explaining the conception rate and healthy pregnancy post treatment in animals treated with the above said herbal formulation for post parturient complications?

Dr Ripu Daman Singh

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