Feeding Moringa oleifera fresh or ensiled to dairy cows—effects on milk yield and milk flavor

Published on: 07/30/2021
Author/s : Bryan Mendieta-Araica 1, Eva Spörndly 1, Nadir Reyes-Sánchez 2 and Rolf Spörndly 3. / 1 Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden; 2 Facultad de Ciencia Animal, Universidad Nacional Agraria, Managua, Nicaragua; 3 Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Kungängen Research Station, Uppsala, Sweden.


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July 30, 2021
The results are understandable as digestibility in moringa silage is higher than elephant grass
siddiqui mohd. basir ahmed siddiqui mohd. basir ahmed
August 5, 2021

The nutrient content of Moringa is higher than Elephant grass, therefore the yield should have increased. The study may be revised with different permutation combination.

Dr. N.r.sarker Dr. N.r.sarker
Animal Nutritionist
June 6, 2022
We did number of works with Moringa Oleifera in dairy cattle feeding. Moringa can be replaced upto 75% of the total concentrate supplied in dairy cattle ration. Milk PUFAs also increased and overall quality of milk is increased.
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