Broiler Goat- A Technology Explanation

Published on: 06/18/2013
Author/s : Dr.P.George Kunju John (Animal Feed Consultant)

IntroductionBroiler goat has been evolved to enhance goat meat production in areas were land availability is scarce and fodder become dear. The browsing character of goats destroys the crops. Eventually goat rearing became very problematic. At this situation the new technology to grow goats in goat houses abandoning grazing, feeding high tech feed by reducing FCR to 2.5 an...

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Linda Mcmillan Linda Mcmillan
June 22, 2013
Sorry that you believe that conversations with those who work with goats in the field are trivial. It might be hard for you to convince people whom you do not respect. While not everyone knows everything about everything you will find that there are many people who know something about something. Thank you for your time. I have enjoyed the discussions. All that you have said will be filed in my trivial brain and will be awaiting further developments. There seems to be many questions left to be answered. The best to you in your research.
Dr.P.George Kunju John Dr.P.George Kunju John
Feed Consultant
June 22, 2013
Thanks for your understanding. I know it is difficult to convince a person who does some thing for years. The traditionla farmers are doing so. while demonstrating the new model some veterinarians argued that goats will not be i pellet form if forage is not fed. omce they saw they had to believe. No one was ready to adopt the broiler chicken in the onset.i can understand your problem to convince poor farmers. during my carrier with dairy cooperatives it was hard to convince farmers about artificial insemination. i have heard them saying how the pregnancy will be possible from an ampu;e with out a bull.
good day
Udoh Inyang Udoh Inyang
Animal Nutritionist
July 4, 2013
Dr. George, i am actually curious about this finding. can I get a publication sent to my email box: Thanks in anticipation.

Dr.P.George Kunju John Dr.P.George Kunju John
Feed Consultant
July 5, 2013
For consultation tou may wish to contact me if prepared to pay my fee
Raj Mishra Raj Mishra
November 18, 2013
First of all Rs15/kg or $0.25/kg cost of feed is impossible. For eg soyabean meal it is Rs50/kg, fishmeal is Rs110/kg, DGNcake is Rs38/kg and by the way these are the ones with highest CP and escape protein values. By some basic calculation the CP available in soyabean meal + DGN + 50% of fishmeal has to be 100% utilised in this wonder formula to be able to give the FCR suggested by John and co. The cost of JUST this is 400% of the said figure of Rs15/kg. I am sure that in some lab tested condition this is possible but dos not seem feasible in a real life market scenario as hinted by Dr. Muhammad Ramzan
Soumen Mallick Soumen Mallick
June 16, 2014

Dear Sir,

I am going to set up a project on Broiler Goat in next month with a vision to increase the
size of business exponentially in near future. I have gone through some papers and articles,
however need a full fledged consulting from someone like you who has rich experience in the

I could not find your number on net and hence could not call you. I would like to seek your
help on your paid consulting service.

Can you please respond to this mail with your contact details, so that I can have a primary
talk to you as to how your expertise knowledge can be integrated for our Business.

Looking forward a quick response.

Please revert.


Soumen Mallicks

Moideen Mavval Moideen Mavval
July 10, 2014
Respected Sir,
I am from Kerala working in Dubai last 15 years, Now am planning to go back India and settle there, so I would like to start Broiler Goat Farming , can i run this business successfully ? Please advice me sir,
Thank You Sir,
Please advice me with kindly
Anwar Mumtaz Anwar Mumtaz
Assistant Manager
September 26, 2014

Dr. P George Kunju John 's article is a revolution in the field of goat farming. Thank you sir, for educating us in this field.
Can you please suggest any company / manufacturing unit producing a feed specifically for boiler goat rearing as I can ask them to couriered to me a few bags to Kolkata and see the change myself.
Or least suggest a feed recipe for us to try.
Thank you,
Anwar M.

December 30, 2014

Respected Sir,
I am from maharashtra working in kuwait , Now am planning to start Broiler Goat Farming, Can you please suggest any broiler goat feed company , Please advice me sir,
Thank You Sir

October 13, 2016

Dear sir, we are planning to start a broiler goat farm in Erode, Tamil nadu. Kindly arrange to get an appointment to meet you for your valuable suggestions and advice. Thanks & Regds Bhuvanendran 

July 15, 2018
How can I get your contact please. I need your consultancy service.
November 1, 2018

Respected, Sir. What are the feed ingredients in broiler goat feed? Is it essential to feed bypass feed before rumination period in liquid form?

November 10, 2018
Vilas Saner Jalgaon Maharashtra l
January 4, 2019

Hi, may I know FCR in broier sheep's in intensive farm

February 19, 2020
Dear Dr George

Do you have any project report onto how to start this business. A business model or any. If yes could you please let me know how to get the copy of it. Any charges?
July 2, 2020
sir in broiler goat with out green fodder only goat feed can we give and achieve 2.5 f c r.
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