LIFA: Livestock Industry empowerment and social enterprises development in Africa

Published on: 01/16/2017
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Agriculture (including livestock, fisheries and agro-forestry) is the main economic sector in the West African region, representing around 40% of its GDP and employing around 80% of its total population. The Livestock industry plays a major role in this sector, as animal food security is considered a major player in the agricultural growth of the sub-region. The vulnerabilities of this industry ha...

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January 16, 2017
A very good initiative by Dr S. Adejoro. As compensation is no more available to poultry farmers affected by the Avian Influenza due to economical situation, then it is advisable to introduce the preventive vaccination in risky zones. This should be properly followed and monitored. Vaccination can be done on a temporary basis. But it is necessary that the cold chain is well respected as well as the method of administration.
Stephen Adejoro Dr Stephen Adejoro Dr
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
January 16, 2017
Thank you Dr Ismet this view is what we persistently preached in LIFA ,, but which Government has not addressed ,despite the huge deficit in her compensatory policy for poultry farmers
Sure; if preventive vaccination were to have been approved in risky zones in most African countries, less epizootic of AI would have been recorded in the region's poultry Industry
I hope the countries of Africa where AI outbreaks are further impoverishing our poultry farmers would stand up to take bold intitiatives to protect this Industry from extinction( To form a Pan Africa Avian InfluenzaControl Initiative PAAICI)
It is my believe that this African countries initiative on AI prevention with the option of regulated vaccination should attract the attention of AU ,ECOWAS and the COMESA regions inclusive of Central Africa
January 16, 2017
Dear Dr. Stephen Adejoro,

I fully support your suggestion of the PAAICI. UGANDA had informed of the presence of Avian Influenza in wild and domesticated birds. This is serious for all the countries in the region. The African Union, the SADEC and other African organizations should cooperate to form a common front against AI. All those who want the progress of the poultry industry in Africa should join forces to convince the authorities to embark on a plan for the upgrading of the poultry sector.
January 19, 2017
PAAICI is an initiative that can help to strengthen Africa's fight against AI. But a common ground needs to be established to achieve this initiative. In LIFA, we strongly believe that vaccination is that common ground, coupled with high level biosecurity measures. There is gradual reduction in the level of case reporting because measures taken are just culling of birds in farms affected without compensation. Instead, farmers sell their birds and gain the little they can before they lose all the birds, thereby caising a spread of the disease.
Hence, controlling AI has been difficult in Africa. It is therefore the function of NGO like LIFA and other international bodies to advocate on behalf of these farmers to control AI through monitored preventive measures like vaccination with the use of trusted vaccines. AU and ECOWAS needs to take this more serious now than ever before.
Ahmad Opeifa Ahmad Opeifa
Poultry farmer
January 20, 2017
The fight to curtail (or possibly eliminate) AI to acceptable levels may not be sustainable unless the farmer has some confidence in the strategy. As mentioned above, the farmer is left to bear the financial brunt of culling birds. This naturally creates an incentive to want to bypass the system in the event of a breakout. It is suggested that an alleviation scheme be put in place to cushion the effect of culling on the farmer so idea of selling affected birds, thereby further spreading the virus is not attractive. Ahead of this however, adequate operational preventive measures should be transferred to the farmers and some form of monitoring, even when and where there are no incidences should be put in place.
January 2, 2019
Hi All,
This ill go a long way to encourage farmers in doing their business as well as promoting their products. For better quality products.
January 11, 2019
It's really a pleasure to be within the midst of responsible people of this great Forum. I would like to network and partner where appropriate in this respect.
January 17, 2019
Please can anyone here give us at least current update?
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