Black Soldier Fly Prepupae for Aquaculture Diets

Forum: Mass Production of Black Soldier Fly Prepupae for Aquaculture Diets

Published on: 01/30/2012
Author/s : Gary J. Burtle, G. Larry Newton, D. Craig Sheppard (University of Georgia)
After decades of work in Tifton, Georgia, University of Georgia researchers think soldier flies will be a viable alternative to fish meal in aquaculture diets. Early work with the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) used manure as the growth media, but recent efforts show that food byproducts can be a better soldier fly diet. Catfish grow well on soldier flies and other fish, including tilapia a...
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June 27, 2017
Dr Gary, the situation is as follows: When the larvae are about to emigrate from the substrate, if I am correct they empty their digestive tract, a leachate is produced that is toxic to them, if we do not have an alternative to evacuate this , Produces much death in larvae.
Can this be corrected with a feeding schedule of 90 to 100 mg larva per day?
November 14, 2022
Oscar Arroyave Sierra
Ingrediente %
H. BSF 200,0000
Aceite Pollo 43,91
Hemoglobina 198,25
Lisina 6,79
Harina segunda 100,00
Metionina 0,99
Maiz 420,19
Fosbic 11,56
Carbonato Calcio 0,00
Sal Marina 0,30
Bentonita 1,00
Prem.vit/min 17,00
TOTALES 1000,00
June 27, 2017
Dear Gary, appreciate your comments and I got a clear picture, how to figure out the substrate efficiency. Thanks
Dear Oscar, obliviously there should be a provision of drainage, too moist caused fungal proliferation in our experience. Ammonia and other toxicity issues might be another problems, as highlighted by you and Gary.

Good, keep the forum active and lets learn from each other. Thanks
October 9, 2019
Please I tried searching for the black soldier fly in Lagos, Nigeria but I can't seem to find it, is there any way of helping me transporting them to my state in Nigeria even if it is for a fee
August 16, 2020
I tarted indoor black soldier fly rearing but for two attempts I could not see them mating or laying eggs.

The first one I had about 300 flies and the second about 500 flies without mating or laying eggs till they all died.

The room is about 12ft by 12ft. The light is two 100watts bulbs.
September 4, 2020
Hello Gary, how are you?

I'm doing a lot of research on larval food.

I believe that the path of food independence, is to produce on the farm itself.

Do you think ground squash is a good food for larvae?

I thought of mixing, laying chicken feces, pumpkin, cassava aerial part and premix (vitamins / minerals) that they use in the feed factory.
August 6, 2022
I prepared my pond for stocking via fertilisation with portly manure. Boom on the day of stocking I noticed numerous BSF in my pond. The question is I am to stock 5-10g fingerlings, will the fingerlings feed on live BSF or they would posess a danger, do I need to scoop them out by completely draining the ponds or leave them and still proceed with stocking my pond?
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