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Culture of Freshwater Prawns in Ponds

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Dear members,

I would like to invite you all to share your experiences and thoughts on this topic:

Freshwater prawn (Machrobrachium rosenbergii) has been studied and cultured for several decades. This species is particularly suited for warm freshwater locations. Recent interest in culture techniques that utilize low inputs and agriculture byproducts to produce freshwater prawns has been expressed. Although competition exists between the freshwater prawn and marine shrimp markets, the freshwater prawn flesh has a unique flavor and texture. Goumet and niche markets for the freshwater prawn have been utililzed to make production ventures profitable. In temperate climates, fish can be raised in succession with freshwater prawns in order to utilize ponds during seasons that are too cool to support prawn survival.

You can also read a very interesting article by Dr. Gary Burtle, Extension Fisheries Specialist at The University of Georgia: Culture of Freshwater Prawns in Ponds

Look forward to your opinions!!!

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September 3, 2012

size variation in growth is a major problem in this prawn and selling price is another problem compared to shrimp

Roberto Marchesini Roberto Marchesini
September 3, 2012
Interesting species, but as Rangacharyulu said, size variations is a problem you face along with cannibalism, high mortality rate and post harvest handling. Supermale technology could solution this problem a lot along with the use of artificial sustrata (AKA aquamats).
September 5, 2012
Male and female are the big problem of MR.
MR is culture very popular in Vietnam, and specialists also have a lot of researches
My Dung My Dung
Animal Nutritionist
September 6, 2012

This kind of shrimp is cultured in some zones in Mekong Delta of Vietnam. The consomation is popolar in local market. Vietnameses farmers do it internately with the rice field. But the production for 1hecta is not so much, i mean the survival rate at harvesting is rather low (40-60%). There is 2 crucials reasons:
1. The quality of seed: * the resistance of shrimp againts to the low environment . * The rate of female in one pack of shrimp is so high, this raise the feed cost & low the income.
2. The farmers donnot invest for the pond management: no aerators, bad pond preparation at pre-stocking,.... Farmers have not much experience in prawn shrimp as good as vannamei or monodon.

However, as the prawn production is not higher than consommation, so the farmers still get back net profit with rather high market price of prawn.

I would like to know how is the prawn culture in other country, and know more about culture technique in practice.

September 7, 2012
In Indonesia starting popular culture of MR in paddy fiield, we called UGADI (MR with paddy). UGADI increased income for the farmer, because price of MR almost same with marine shrimp (vannamae), comparing paddy and fish, also still low production of MR in the ponds. Main problem also MR male and female, monosex culture of male also costly in selection and still is not technology for monosex male juvenile production yet.
September 19, 2012
MR species is best for sustainable income for any small scale farmer! Production is not a problem ! only good source of seed is key for success( Major problems @ hatchery ,brood stock). yes because of very poor production and lack of consistent supply price fluctuations. But there is a demand from hyper markets.
Prakash Chandra Behera Prakash Chandra Behera
December 1, 2012

As a professional I had vast exposures in this field, and according the observation ,I will agree with comment of P V . Rangacharulu. Many farms are closed due to non available of quality seeds, lacking of recent technology, not good market price of harvested materials. use of probiotic method of culture practice and good nutrition will enhance the productivity. international market shall render good price for exportable fresh water prawn (M.rosenbergi) in coming days than this aquaculture sector will develop in proper manner fpr benefit of prawn farmers.
I appreciate all the participates for their valuable comments.

Roberto Marchesini Roberto Marchesini
December 2, 2012

Any news on super male technology? In El Salvador low incomes due to mortality and deficient growth has led to less growers in the field (growing tilapia instead) and closing hatcheries.

April 8, 2013

Why do you say: Main problem also MR male and female? In Peru there's no problem.

May 24, 2013
Seed selection is been a major problem for the farmers. Specific guidelines should be framed to protect the farmers and help them to get better seed.
May 24, 2013
In Perú the problem is deman for seed, thereis not many producer, la production is for local market not market international.
December 26, 2015
Hi all
My name is vinod from Tamilnadu India. I Recently started a fresh water farm and it was 100 % failure. But I learned a lot.still I believe that with proper guidance it can be 100% successful rite from pond preparations. .I have plans to start agin by this march...anyone who is willing to guide me are welcome .
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