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Forum: Culture of Freshwater Prawns in Ponds

Published on: 09/03/2012
Author/s : Gary J. Burtle, Extension Fisheries Specialist (The University of Georgia)
Description of Freshwater Prawn FarmingFreshwater prawns, Machrobrachium rosenbergii, or shrimp are currently popular with small scale aquaculturists in the southeasternUnited States.  Pond acreage has been constructed in nearly all states, but particularly inKentucky,Mississippi,Texas,Tennessee,Georgia, andAlabama.  Research atKentuckyStateUniversity has reported larger yields (Tidwell ...
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Dr. Prakash Chandra Behera Dr. Prakash Chandra Behera
January 3, 2013

Dear Burtle,
Very useful and informative article. My suggestion is that, instead of feeding organic and cotton seed meal before 60 DOC, I think better to fed with crumbles of commercial feed CP 32%. The disease problem are not reflected . The generally mortality occurs after 30 days of stocking with deformities of carapace and other problems. Even in 5 nos/ sq m stocking, the slow growth rate is noticed after 7-8 month peroid and what is the probable causes. Is it required to aeration more period in such low stocking density with cost factor. Now days all aquaculture ponds are practiced with probiotic mode of culture practice and results can obtained satisfactory with less chances of disease. Thanks

Muhyideen Hamzat Muhyideen Hamzat
January 16, 2013

There is no M. rosenbergii in Nigeria, we only have Macrobrachium vollenhovenii which juveniles collected from the wild are grown in earthen ponds and tanks, but the growth is very slow. Any information on how to achieve faster growth shall be appreciated.

Maria Theresa Huff Maria Theresa Huff
February 15, 2013

Very helpful...

May 24, 2013
Mr. Muhyideen Hamzat

Well use feed probiotics along with the combination of digestive enzymes that will result in fast growth of the fish.
May 27, 2013
Feeds for prawns are important, however stocking densities also determine growth rate. For example, in one study by Marioghae and Ayinla in Nigeria with M. vollenhovenii, growth was about 10 percent with byproducts than with a 14% proteind diet.

Probiotics have the potential to improve production performance of aquatic animals. However, an associated cost is added to the feed cost. Therefore, careful evaluation of each probiotic for potential performance improvements should be made before recommending addition of the probiotic to production diets.

I have found that some probiotics are beneficial when I have had chronic bacterial infection in aquatic animals. So, in that case, a stressor was present which provided a condition where the probiotic mechanism improved animal performance.
May 28, 2013
Dear Mr.Gary,

Well thanks for your comments, well please do name the probiotics that are beneficial to the prawn culture.
May 28, 2013
Probiotics containing Lactobacillus sporogenes or Bacillus subtilus or a combination seem to benefit prawns when these are added to feed at 2 to 3% of the diet. Although sigificant improvements have been observed and elimination of certain gut bacteria has been observed, the economics of the additive must be evaluated when you obtain a quote for the cost of the probiotic. For example, if survival increased by 5%, would that improvement be worth the cost of the probiotic? Improvements in feeding efficiency and growth should also be used when evaluating cost-benefit.
May 29, 2013
Thanks Mr.Gary. Well as said the bacillus species mentioned by you will definitely improves the growth of prawns, in our study we found that by using Bacillus Calusii in the feed at least once in a fortnight will solve the gut problems in prawn culture.
May 29, 2013
Have you had the beneficial effect at lower amounts, between 0.1 and 0.3% of the diet?
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