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Published on: 02/16/2007
Author/s : A. VICTOR SURESH - Aquaculture Feed Industry Consultant (Courtesy of Alltech Inc.)
Shrimp farming currently yields about 800,000 mT of shrimp a year. The industry has grown phenomenally in the past 25 years considering that farmed shrimp production in the early 1970s was less than 10,000 mT. The industry grew exponentially in the 1980s. Its further growth was arrested in the 1990s when a number of disease problems surfaced. While bacterial and viral diseases have been common in ...
February 16, 2007
Dear Editor,

I must commend your effort on this wonderful write-up. It's the first time I am priviledged to read a well researched article on this subject.

I am also glad about other articles which I have received from ENGORMIX.
February 17, 2007
When reading this excellent article it became clear to me that the Plocher products from Germany or the Penergetic products from Switzerland, all totally natural and registered with the EU, would most probably do the trick in
a) keeping the water free of pathogens
b) allowing to keep the same water much longer in the ponds
c) prevent organic and other sediments on the ground
d) keep high levels of oxygen in the water
That all done by a specilised water product
4) a 100 natural feed additive that will not only cleanse out the organism but all improve is natural resistance.
I strongly advise that some trials are being done.
jaime galvez fallas jaime galvez fallas
Commercial Manager
May 27, 2017

Can somebody help me? I need info about the using of PENERGETIC in shrimp, I need data info

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