Comparison of the Diameter of the Frontal Knobs in Artemia Urmiana Günther, 1899 (Anostraca)

Published on: 07/03/2013
Author/s : Patricio de los Ríos (Catholic University of Temuco) and Alireza Asem (Protectors of Urmia Lake National Park Society (NGO), Urmia, Iran/Iranian Artemia Research Center (I.A.R.C.), Gholmankhaneh Port, Urmia, Iran)

INTRODUCTION The genus Artemia Leach, 1819 is cosmopolitan and includes seven species, with various geographically widespread strains (Triantaphyllidis et al., 1998). The origin of populations can be natural through cyst dispersal by water birds or wind, or artificial through inoculation of cysts in salt works (Sorgeloos et al., 1986). Artemia strains can be sexual, such as in the American and in ...

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Melike Gür Melike Gür
July 3, 2013
In Turkey we can't produce Artemia as rotifers... Is it possible to produce Artemia Urmiana ? Can you deal with me?
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