Zinc sources and doses on the presence of Necrotic Enteritis in broilers - Greg Mathis

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S.m. Ekramul Huque S.m. Ekramul Huque
BSc (hons),MS in Fisheries
April 16, 2018

Does the proteonate form of zinc can be absorbed 4times than zinc oxide in broiler?

Aoun Khan Aoun Khan
general manager production
October 23, 2018

Can we give this zinc oxide or zinc sulfate through drinking water? And what is the dosage, please?

Dr.channegowda H K Dr.channegowda H K
Animal Nutritionist
October 23, 2018

Dear S.m. Ekramul Huque,

Nutritionists use 50% of dose of Zinc oxide in poultry if the source is proteinate form. Zinc proteinate manufactured at Zeus Biotech Ltd, India, has been studied extensively. If Zinc oxide level is 1 kg, then you can replace the same with 0.5 kg Zinc proteinate gives same performance

Magdy Elkady Magdy Elkady
Ph. D. In veterinary sciences
October 25, 2018

Dear Greg Mathis
I would like to ask you about the use of zinc sources, did you use them through drinking water or as feed additives?
And what are the regular requirements for broiler chickens?

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