Understanding Bacterial Enteritis: The Key to a Cost Effective Antibiotic Free Production

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Tarusenga Munyanyi Tarusenga Munyanyi
Animal health technologist
November 19, 2019

Enteritis causes inflammation of epithelial cells causing the immune system to consume a lot of nutrients to deal with inflammation, reducing the amount of nutrients for muscle growth. A stressed gastrointestinal will cause stress that activates the immune system. This will lead to stunted growth and loss of weight and high mortality and costs in managing the condition.

Kasame Trakullerswilai Kasame Trakullerswilai
Bacheler of Veterinary Medicine
January 6, 2020

Enteritis is more involve to immunosuppressive agent both intrinsic and extrinsic agent, so maybe complex causative or multiple causes/factors.

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