Effect of Phytase supplementation on phytate and phosphorus digestability. Dr. M. Umar Faruk (DSM)

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Emeka Ogazi Emeka Ogazi
Poultry farmer
September 22, 2014

Phytase a bi-product of palm kernel crushed out of palm kernel for vegetable oil. It is known as PKC. The PKC waste is cheaply available. When you add them to broiler feed from 4-7 weeks it makes the broiler stunted in growth. Acidic when the oil is not pressed out. it knocks off phosphorous in the birds diet.

My experience reveals it , as a long time poultry farmer, when it is about two 14 weeks to sell off, if added it increases the cholesterol fattening of the broiler and makes the meat taste watery and full of fat. At this climate change impact, many of the birds die off, because of oil clogging from the phytase fat build up in the birds, causing economic loose for the farmers. Phytase use, should be banned. It is source of bird killer due harsh nature of weather in Climate Change.

Rather we use potassium chloride to fatten the birds, escape the impact of climate change as the sun is harsh over here in Nigeria. The Potassium Chloride makes the birds drin a lot of water. Phytase is oily clogging the birds pores and cause high mortality rate in birds. Since we stopped using Phytase from palm kernel, we had no bird mortality resulting from phytase of palm kernel.. Phytase supplement is dangerous to birds as a result of impact of climate change and fat build up in birds. Please my practice reveals this. Phytase is a potential dangerous supplement for birds during dry season with hot harsh weather.. It also makes the broiler meat tastes watery. Potassium chloride is a wonderful supplement. You gain more weight fast for your birds and you sale early as it makes them drink water constantly, mature early and buyers buy with weight and farmers gain more. Add yeast to make broiler meat taste sweet like old layers.

February 21, 2021
I am from Ethiopia and know working Ph.D. thesis on the Effect of Phytase in Maize-based Diets Fed to Young Broilers and Layers

but I couldn't get a commercial phytase, what shall you recommend me?
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